Waist belt replacement & head painting

The thick cloth waist belt had replace by elasticity leatherette that it comes smoothly look; the self adhesive tape glue at end of the leatherette.
原來的厚質布腰帶由具彈性的人造皮替代, 看起來平貼很多; 尾端貼上魔鬼粘並置於背面.

The head and hair needs to paint first then glue them in one; As usual, Gunze acrylic still the best material for me, the gap of hair fill up with putty then sculpting hair detail with tools before dry. Paint the black as final stage.
先將頭部的2個部份塗好顏色後黏成一體; 郡士還是最好用的材料, 以補土補上耳朵上側的縫隙, 以雕塑工具畫出髮絲再放乾, 塗上黑色即成.