M16A1 in 1/6

Here is my new item of M16A1 rifle, the rifle casting in resin. The handguard is half separated; the magazine is unworkable; not include sling.
The unpainted price are-
180 NT
6.20 USD
3.99 £
4.63 Europe

The painted price are-
250 NT
8.60 USD
5.54 £
6.43 Europe

I do accept paypal, if you are interesting please contact me.

這裡是自產的1/6 樹脂M16A1, 槍枝前護木一半是固定式, 另一半可開; 彈夾固定式(與槍一體), 不包括槍背帶.
未上色價格- 180元新台幣
上色價格- 250元新台幣

有興趣購買請以信箱連絡. weylen30@gmail.com

Here are bunch of M16A1 ready to ship to customer!
I've found the 1/6 scale lovely Taiwan fruit cardboard box that the box name in "Mango", the oroginal box for candy.
一大串的M16A1 準備寄出! 找到可愛的1/6 台灣水果紙箱,原本是用來裝軟糖的包裝.