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The wings structures are almost appear by lots of pieces of metal frame, I suggest not to glue them but I already did, like the MG section because it have to be painted before load the machine gun, the fuel tank haven’t receive yet which is located at the wing end and fuselage area.
左翼大體在好幾十片金屬結構拼湊後幾乎出現, 建議先不要上膠水但是大部分都被我上膠了, 有點擔心! 因為機槍部位好像還未到齊, 油箱也還未到手, 油箱也就是位在機翼內側靠近與機身連接的位置.

The wing tip section looks gorgeous! Model 21 had 2 tiny wing tip can be folding on each wings but I don’t think the tiny wing tip will help saving the space on the carriers. The right wing main structure has just starting.
小翼端的部位非常可愛, 雖然21型的翼端可折而且又是艦載機但是這小翼端似乎無法在航空母艦上為飛機節省空間. 右翼的主架構也收到, 慢慢架構中!

One of the volume come up with A6M2 copy of blue print that looks I’m building a real aircraft.
其中一期附有零戰21型的拷貝原始設計藍圖, 整個感覺好像就是在造真的飛機一樣.