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Left wing grill surface structure also needs to drill holes for screws; I’ve place two parts of grill surface that looks one piece now, the rough wing shape comes out already, I apply the instant glue on it.
左翼格子結構的骨架也需要鑽洞以螺絲鎖緊用; 主翼的兩片格子結構骨架固定上後大致機翼形狀呈現, 有些部位先上快乾膠固定.

The vertical frame structures include 26 pieces that their all needs to glue with 6 different length of strengthen stick on each one of them; it needs patience!!
縱向骨架總共有26片必須固定在主翼上, 每片縱向骨架則必須有6根不同長度的小棒子支撐住, 也是從附件裡的0.1mm空心鋁管及ㄇ型條切下黏上並固定, 有得玩了!