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Patience still!! I’ve bring this metal kit with me back to my parents place while the forecast said that will be the raining for all new years break, sounds bad, isn’t it!! I’ve complete volume 3 only since I’ve receive them; it’s good to collect them for some volumes then go through it.
雖然從開始收集到目前只完成3 集的步驟, 還好有新年長假可以打發, 因為今年農曆年是在雨中度過, 也是根據氣象預報才帶上這架飛機的零件與我一起回老家過年. 其實收集了一部份再動手的方式也不錯, 可以暸解那些地方必須先處理.

Still in the left wings detail, some parts needs to fasten by fine screw, always amazing how they design this beautiful kit.
左翼的部份還有很多細節, 有些預留的卯釘都必須鑽洞, 螺絲超小又細緻, 原模型的設計確實很厲害, 做起來也超爽的!