The power modeling magazine

Here is the first edition of power modeling magazine in Chinese, the magazine come up with a CD that is all about “how to” in life, a very exceptional magazine!
For sure, one of my scratch build “flying boat” participated in this magazine. The book are content military model、sci fi model、figure、GUNDAM etc.
這是模力誌創刊號, 很特殊的雜誌裡附有一張CD光碟, 裡頭有模型製作教學實況. 當然, 我有件全自製的飛船也在這雜誌裡分享製作過程. 這雜誌包含了軍事模型、科幻模型、人物模型及鋼彈模型等等, 很活潑生動的書刊!