41st Armored Infantry. 2nd Armored Division (France 1944)

Quickly done a new subject ready for the show at this Thursday, the base is my oldie that it was used for Vietnam US soldier with diorama. It is saved much time only for a figure!
The 2nd armored Division is one of my interesting subject in WWII; during 1944, specialized units of the 2nd Armored Division serving in Normandy along with elements of the 30th Infantry Division were issued with frog skin camouflage pattern uniforms, but again an apparent similarity to the uniform being worn by some Waffen SS troops in the area led to some friendly fire incidents, and it was withdrawn.

Head sculpt- Custom
Body- Barrack Sergeant
M1 Helmet- BBI
Gear、legging、bar gun- DML(all repainted and weathered)
Boots- DID

第二裝甲師(法國 1944)
盡快趕在展出之前完成第二件作品, 地台是沿用舊的作品(越戰美軍), 如此可以節省不少時間.
美軍第二裝甲師是我興趣的二戰題材之一; 在二戰時期的諾曼地戰區中的美軍裡的此單位是唯一有此特殊穿著frog skin迷彩的部隊, 但是這種迷彩戰鬥服在這戰區只有短暫的時間即被更換掉, 原因是曾發生友軍誤殺事件而不得不將此迷彩服給刪掉, 因為這款迷彩非常類似SS的迷彩而造成誤殺事件.

頭雕- 自製
素體- BS
M1 頭盔- BBI
裝備、綁腿、bar gun- 威龍
靴子- DID