“Let’s get out of here” U.S Marine Corps 1968 Vietnam

I have just completed an action diorama, which for next figure show at the end of March, I had dig my loose parts to get this subject done. There is another work after this one, should be enough time to work on it.
Head x 2– Custom
Body x 2– Hot toy、Barrack Sergeant
Uniform、flak jacket– DML
Helmet & gears- Toy Soldier
Boots- ACE
M16A1- Custom
Diorama- Custom

“離開這鬼地方” 美軍海軍陸戰隊 1968年越南
拼了一件出來給環球展用, 後頭還有一件在趕! 手頭上的散件可以拼出不少題材, 好好計畫今年展出要作的東東.
頭雕x2- 自製頭雕
素體- HT、BS 兩種素體, 表面以砂紙磨過處理.
戰鬥服、破片衣- 威龍(舊化處理)
頭盔、裝備- Toy Soldier (舊化處理)
戰鬥靴- ACE(舊化處理)
M16A1- 自製(樹脂材質)
地台- 自製


Another master piece from you!
Wow...simply amazing
Thanks guys!