Head casting.2

I prefer to have Hei Cast to do casting; there are few casting material for choose that this is the one easy to find at the hobby shop. Hei Cast it’s not cheap but quite stable, it’s not stinking that compare to others, but it needs to ventilate to help the health. Hei Cast come with 2 version which is 90 sec and 180 sec, there are quite challenge when work on it. The 90 sec version needs to try few times to get use to it definitely, because it is solidifying in short period; then can be handle the casting and enjoy it within 90 sec. Once 90 sec version to have in hand that the 180 sec version will be feel just like fish in water.

Some necessary stuff needs to have them for casting:
1.Hei Cast resin.
2. Scales for A.B resin, those two resins needs to be in the same weight by scale.
3. Paper cups are the expendables.
4. Coffee stick for stir the A.B resins.
5. Silicone mold.
將A.B劑等量分別倒入兩個紙杯裡, 最好是先經過磅秤的確認後最保險;在確認兩個紙杯都是等量的液體後就能混合.
將A劑倒入B劑或是B劑倒入A劑都是可行的!倒入完全後以咖啡攪拌棒或是免洗筷攪拌都可以,切記要攪拌均勻在倒入模子裡,要不然將無法起完整的化學作用而有可能造成外乾內未乾的狀態,或者是在表面呈現局部未乾的狀態. 這些都將會成為廢棄品也就等於是材料的浪費。

I’ll use the paper clip to fold L shape then pick the area where the bubbles to adhere to be, that it must be done in few second before the resin solidify, the bubbles are appears from the facial usually. I think it’s better to find the best way to solve the bubbles problem, like having a vacuum machine.
I prefer to leave it for 1 hour; even it is a 90 sec resin. I cut apart the silicone at the hindbrain which is the safely parts for head, the front and the sides (ears) are not the way to do so; it will cause the mold lines are hard to fix.
Push aside the cut line when resin has solidified complete, take the head out that it’s done!
倒入模子時可以將攪拌棒立著,樹脂順著攪拌棒留入模子裡;在使用90秒Hei Cast時無法有充足時間讓你處理氣泡的問題,也就是說注入Hei Cast時在模子裡的液體多少都會出現氣泡,除非你已經準備了去除氣泡的機器才能解決這問題.所以翻製出來的物體表面如有氣泡而唯一的方式就是以補土填補了;而180秒就能利用一點點時間做氣泡去除的動作,我通常使用粗的迴紋針摺成L型而在模子裡的液體倒入3/2時將容易堆積氣泡的地方挑一挑,讓氣泡往上跑,然後再倒入剩餘的部位。
在Hei Cast起化學作用後會變成白色,雖然標榜的是90秒、180秒,這也是它開始硬化的時間,但是裡頭還未完整,我習慣是放置1小時後再作後許處理較佳,同時它起化學作用時會有產生熱,等熱完全退去後就能拆開了.順著先前開模子的刀痕撥開、撐開,將完全固化的成品拔出來即可。


Hello Weylen!
Like your work!
Do you know where I could buy HEI-CAST in the UK?