Bicycle troop .2

I used one of my oldie Asian head for this one, now the head needs to chop all the neck off then drill the hole to fit TTL body; The glue gun is the best way to fill in the hole that it has to leave the room for neck joint, the neck joint apply petroleum jelly that makes the head easy to stick into the joint, also easy to pull out as well.
自製的舊亞洲頭雕拿來當作題材, 大部分的脖子都必須切除, 完全是遷就餘TTL 素體(12吋的好玩就是多變!) 頭部內側幾乎挖空, 再以熱熔膠槍注入矽膠在周圍一圈, 中間留空間好讓插韒插進, 插韒頭塗上凡士林當潤滑, 如此可以隨意拔出.

As usual, I used sand paper to grind the body that will help the gravity looks when dress up.
一樣是以砂紙磨過素體增加摩擦力, 穿上衣服時能呈現自然重力.

I painted the flesh color same as usual, which mixed GUNZE H-14+ H-85 that the color volume are depend on your desire; but don’t forget to painted the neck and chest parts to keep in tune.
如同往常以郡士的H-14+ H-85 混合後塗上臉部, 臉部的色調完全取決於這2個顏色的多寡; 以順便在頸部及胸部塗上膚色以求一致.

I’ve glue the sponge at the belly and legs that I’m try the type of build in generally. I’m sure that it will looks better then the big muscle body; while I painted with all the details on face, the small arms and hands are apply with oil paint then wipe with tissue.
在肚子、雙腿處黏上了泡棉使素體變成一般體位, 這看起來會比強壯大肌肉素體來得自然很多; 臉部細節處理完後也順便在小手臂及雙手上處裡膚色的色調. 主要是以油畫顏料刷上這些部位後再以手巾紙擦拭.