Bicycle troop.3

The Japanese soldier gears and all stuff are mainly from 3R, 3R making great Japs figure in the market but body! Coz I never interested in DID or 3R body.
I do like to have Japs summer uniform but it is hard to find from products; this kits come with winter dress up that include shirt and jacket, I pick up the shirt for this subject but color definite needs to modify; Have some water in the container, pour into 1/3 of bleach that the exactly scale of water is 3, the bleach is 1. Leave it for 30 mins but needs to keep an eye on it, if longer then 30 mins that the color will fade completely which means turning to white.
日軍題材的人偶目前只有3R有優質的產品, 但素體除外!!日軍夏季制服一直是我喜愛的題材但是這類產品還未出現, 只能從這冬季服裝的日軍下手, 而裡面的襯衫是唯一需要的素材, 但是顏色不是我所要的; 必須將顏色改成夏季服.
*倒入漂白水, 比例是水3:1 漂白水
*浸泡30分鐘並隨時觀察顏色變化, 泡過久會使顏色完全消失.

Water color is the best way to do weathering for fabric.
*Make them wet 80% moisture.
*Have black+ brown+ green=dirty in the container; apply at the seam area and the back to
show the sweat mark.
*Dress up to body; bend the body to fold the wrinkle in purposely. The wrinkle will look
naturally when dry.
*將制服浸溼並留住80% 的溼度.
*混合黑+咖啡+綠= 髒顏色的水彩, 塗上各接縫處或是手肘、膝蓋、臀部等部位.
*在還未乾前穿上素體並刻意彎摺素體, 用意在製造出衣服的皺摺, 乾了後衣服