Bicycle troop.4

I’ve cutting little piece of yoga sponge to fit in ammo pouches to keep the shape. The back pouch has an empty area on the side that should be for rifle oilcan. I chop 1.5cm from 0.5mm wood rod then sharpen a cap with knife, painted with black acrylic.
切下些小塊的瑜珈發泡塊塞入3R的日軍彈包裡, 如此可以保持漂亮的形狀. 後側的彈藥包旁邊有個空的空間, 裡頭並沒有任何東西, 我以0.5mm木條切出1.5公分長的段落, 削出瓶蓋形狀再以壓克力漆上色後塞進位置即可.

The kits boot top are too wide, I scissors some parts off then place new eyelets on it. The result went well when dress up the shoes. It fit perfectly!
原3R日軍的軍靴鞋口過大, 穿起來很難看; 往內剪掉部份(些許銅眼必須犧牲掉) 再打進新的銅眼後穿上就好看多了.