Bicycle troop.6

Here is the German bicycle of Dragon products; I did modify and spray with Gunze H-81 (Khaki) for entire bicycle frame, I took all the parts off before spray. The gun metal for the chip paint effect, that the tires are spray with dust color. The oil paint washed entire bicycle, I took the rain coat from the kit then wrap up with fabric inside as private package then tide up at the loading shelf.
這架腳踏車是收藏已久的威龍德軍腳踏車, 將輪胎及小箱子拔除後即噴上郡士漆的H-81(卡其)在整個骨架上; 以黑鐵色塗出掉漆效果, 鏈條也從新塗上黑鐵色, 再以油畫顏料洗過腳踏車再擦拭, 裝回輪胎後在橡膠胎上噴上塵土色即完成.
以配件裡的雨衣包些布料在裡頭, 捆綁在後置物架上讓腳踏車不至於太單調.