Bicycle troop.7

I brought few pieces of 120x 30x 2cm shelf wood from B&Q hardware chain store, I love to hanging around there and finding some great stuff always; Pick the right size for the project then cut a piece. First carve the shallow ditch along the edge of wood, the plywood use for block the 4 sides, I’ve chop the plywood about 1.5cm thick; there is 8cm high on one of the corner which is ready for hummock. I glue the 4 pieces plywood firmly because I’m planning to make water for diorama.
在B&Q連鎖五金買了幾塊120x 30x 2 cm的木板(看起來像是書架隔板), 蠻喜歡去逛特力屋找材料, 總是會找到些不錯的材料! 視題材大小將木板切出適當的尺寸, 在四周以雕刻刀刻出淺淺的溝痕, 切下1.5cm高的夾版, 在其中的角落留出8cm 高的部份作土堆用; 將夾板片黏牢在溝裡, 因為這場景會有水的部份.

I have had used the rest of Styrofoam from last work, which glue them in one piece already; Then I sharpen with knife to the shape that I’ve desire.
把以前用剩下的珍珠版塊拿來當材料, 這一塊是好幾片珠珠版黏起來的; 以刀片削出形狀即可.

I’ve cut 2 indentations at the edge of hummock, which is ready for 2 timbers installation.
在土堆的邊緣處以刀片切出2個凹洞, 是用來預留給木條固定用.

Apply water base putty all over the hummock, painted the acrylic XF-49 on the hummock as primer then mix Green +Sand acrylic paint and brush entire water area; that the color to show the water turbidly, I hope the resin is not going to transparent to see through the bottom of wood.
在土堆上鋪上水補土, 待乾後塗上壓克力漆XF-49當底漆, 水的部份則以綠+ 沙色混合塗上; 設定這是混濁的河水, 盡可能避免看到透明的河水底部是木頭顏色.

I stick the paper tape at both side of hummock. Same as the old way, mix white glue +water then spray on it, and then apply the dirt. Repeat them 3~ 4 times to leave it dry.
在土堆的外側以紙膠帶貼住, 開始要鋪上塵土; 如同舊法, 在噴罐裡以水+ 白膠混合後噴上土堆表面, 灑上土. 如此重複3~4次等著乾即可!