Hank & Chip.1

I’m now scratched build the comic prototype characters of “Hanks & Chip” before publish that I don’t know the publish date. I love the design and drawing by Italian artist, I blow up the main character prop to 20cm height, which is the best size to do modeling.
正在進行中的國外漫畫原型製作, 蠻喜歡這位義大利畫家畫的造型, 雖然還未出版; 將2D造型放大至20cm大小, 覺得是很合適的尺寸來製作模型.

I used aluminum wire for legs prop stand then wrap with Super Sculpey “FIRM”. Simply make the shape then bake in the oven.
以鋁線折出腿部支架, 外頭包著灰色的Super Sculpey “FIRM”, 大略塑出形狀再放進烤箱烤過.

La Doll for body interior then wraps with Super Sculpey on the outside; it is the best way to save the FIRM. In fact, it’s better to leave the empty inside of FIRM and try to avoid cracking when baking it.
La Doll紙黏土當作身體的內部結構, 外頭再包FIRM, 使用FIRM最好是在裡頭留著空間才不至於烤的時候裂掉.