Bicycle troop.9

The second layer of epoxy resin had the same color but lighter then first layer, I was trying to make a bit of transparent looks but I had add too much of acrylic paint in it. The second layer had been waiting for half day then show thicker gradually; I used a brush to moisten petroleum jelly then brush on the surface to make the ripple irregularly before the resin get harden completely.
第二層樹脂調的顏色較第一層薄, 原本想做出有點透明的效果, 但是加入的壓克力漆的量似乎多了點. 第二層水面等了約半天的時間, 準備好刷子沾著凡士林並斟酌手的力量在表面刷出水紋, 這必須是在樹脂完全乾硬之前的條件下動作(這段時間必須掌握好才不會前功盡棄).

Pick some fallen leaves from the street for diorama, cut them to right scale then glue on top of the hummock to show the vegetation near by. I apply chalk paste on the timber that needs to match to soldier’s boots dust color for the final stage.
在路上撿了些枯葉子當作情景材料, 以刀子切下正確比例的葉子形狀並上膠水固定在土堆上, 表示這土推附近有植物在. 最後在河上的木條表面用粉彩做出踏過的塵土, 這顏色必須配合士兵靴子上的塵土.