1/18 FW-190D

One of Germany's best fighter airplanes of WWII, the "long nosed Fokker" design for high-altitude performance fighting machine against allies airplane during WWII. The bottom paint scheme is specialist, which is in red & vertical white stripe. This is the identification for air defense unit.
I was expected 1/18 scale FW-190A appear, but it seems hopeless by now; All the 1/18 scale are already dead.
這台優秀的Focke-Wulf 190D是二戰時期德軍設計的高空戰鬥用機型,也是用來對付盟軍的飛機.這架的底部特殊塗有紅底及白條是用來給地面部隊識別用. 原來蠻期待有FW-190A的出現,但現在1/18比例的飛機似乎都不見了!