BBI 1/18 M4A3 Sherman

Here is another one of my 1/18 scale collection from BBI products M4A3 Sherman tank, another collectable toys that comes with accurate detail entirely and great paint scheme. The co. tanker from 21st, the three 29th division infantry are from Force of valor products, that the one dress up tan combat uniform is 21st products.
Other 3 of 101 airborne are from 21st Century toys, which was the battle of Ardennes.
這1/18薛曼坦克是BBI出品的極品,超細及精確的可動玩具,實在是愛不釋手!塗裝也是漂亮,上頭的副車長是21世紀出品的戰車兵,車外的3名著綠色是29師步兵,出自於Force of valor;另一個著沙色戰鬥服則是21世紀出品,另3名是著冬季軍服的101空降師,背景是突出部戰役.