Hank & Chip.5

Here I’m starting to make left arm for hank, “La Doll” paper clay for simply construction inside then wrap with FIRM outside, following right proportion from prop then go through detail step by step.
開始hank的左臂, 紙黏土用來製作裡頭的結構然後外頭以FIRM 包住, 根據造型的比例來控制會較準確.

Place the arm on body to check how it looks and find any mistake; go through detail when the shape has correctly. The half of the arm dress with tight shirt, I’ve used slender clay as cuff of a sleeve, then add a bit of crease at the bottom of bicep to show the different texture between cloth and skin.
將左臂大體裝上位置檢視任何錯誤的地方, 確認後再從細節著手. 手臂的一半是著緊身衣的質感, 在小手臂以細長條黏土圍上後做成袖口, 在強大的二頭肌底端塑上布料的縐褶就能區分緊身布料與皮膚的不同質感.

Ready to toast!