Hank & Chip.8

Chip’s main structure content 5 parts, that there are connected with plastic rod; such as head、body、bottom and booster x 2. Again, following the copy of main prop to make sure the size then go for detail, the hands are plastic rod as well; I’ve heated the plastic rod to curve shape for hands by lighter, one side to make it sharp to insert to body.
Chip’s主架構是由頭、身體、底盤及2 具推進器組合成. 以copy的主造型尺寸來塑出與hank的確實比例, 再增加細部細節, 而chip是小機器人, 沒啥細部可以煩惱的; 連結整個架構是用塑膠棒當材料, 剪下的手及脖子後以打火機烤成需要的彎度, 兩支手的末端以刀片削成尖銳狀, 可以插入身體部位.