Making 1/18 scale G.I.1

I’ve been collected 1/18 scale series military toys for 6 years, really enjoy to have them. The 1/18 scale action figure are impressive as well, that I have figure it out the action figures are not really fit in any vehicles, specially the sitting pose for driver or passengers; I like to have it a try to make this scale figurine to fit in the trucks, the Dodge truck is my first choice.
I take one of the 21st G.I figure as size reference; the FIRM still my favorite material for sculpting. Make one piece of clay as lower part of the body size then cut at the middle as legs, bend the knee and make the feet roughly; Once the size have correct then go through more detail to make out the pants and legging, the pants crease following.

已收藏了6 年的1/18系列軍事模型玩具, 一直都是寶貝. 1/18的可動人型也很棒, 但是發現可動人型並非能完全座進載具裡, 特別是駕駛座、旁邊的座位及乘員. 即然買不到合適的人型, 就自己來作囉! 美軍道奇軍卡是第一個目標.
以21世紀人型尺寸為參考標準; FIRM灰色美國土還是我喜歡使用的材料. 先捏出一塊如同1/18人型下半身大的土, 切出區分兩腿, 大約彎折膝蓋及腳部; 再往細部進行, 如區分出褲子及綁腿後再往褲子的皺摺雕塑.