Making 1/18 scale G.I driver. 3

Driver’s head have the open mouth expression on it, he might saying “get out of the way”, make 2 cylinder ready for arms; As usual, starting from the rough shape and right proportion then go through details, that is the sculpture basic rule.
駕駛兵頭雕有個張嘴的表情, 他可能邊開車邊說著”讓路、讓路”, 做出2 個圓筒狀準備給手臂用; 如同以往, 先從粗胚及比例著手再進入細節, 這是雕塑最基本的規則.

I’ve try those two soldier’s on the Willy jeep, which fit well too. The Willy jeep seems comfortable then Dodge truck. The driver’s arms have completed at the last shot.
將2位大兵放進威力吉普上, 座位來得比道奇軍卡舒適許多, 多了個選擇! 最後則是完成的駕駛兵開車狀的手臂.