Making 1/18 scale G.I driver.2

Make the super rough right leg, it’s better to make sure the size is about 70% correct; I used knife to reduce the volume and shape of clay, following the left leg to check all the details.
先捏出很粗的右腿雛形, 確認70%尺寸正確後開始以刀片削出大多的土, 直到95%與左腿差不多後再從細部著手.

I’ve re-judge the seat and steering wheel, which moved back the seat back and touch the fence to give a bit of space for driver, the next seat had fixed. While the right leg detail has done, then put it in the oven to bake it.
從新將座椅拔開並調整位置, 方向盤也是, 給駕駛員爭取些空間, 隔壁的座位也是; 當右腿的細節完成後即可將它放進烤箱定型.