Making 1/18 scale G.I.4

Used model putty to do legging stripe, but one line only coz it is first challenging to me for small scale. The putty also goes to fix a crotch shape; Have the right arm proportion shape first then goes to detail, remember place the soldier to seat to check everything looks fine, then the detail can be made.
用模型補土做出綁腿綁帶, 但實在太小了, 只能以一條線帶過. 補土也補上褲襠的地方; 先從右手開始作, 把比例及角度調整好, 並隨時將士兵作進座位確認姿勢順眼及自然最重要, 再追加細節上去.

Following the right arm to make left arm, that thinking what kinda posing well for this soldier while sculpting it.
以右手的範本製作左手, 在雕塑時並想出哪種姿勢合適這個士兵.