Making 1/18 scale G.I.5

The head is a kinda challenge from 1/6 to 1/18 scale, that it needs to shrink the size and details. I’m hold the breath to complete my first 1/18 scale head sculpt, that I’ll get use to it next time.
1/18的尺寸比1/6來的太有挑戰性了, 幾乎縮小了一大半! 的確需要屏息的去雕塑這麼小的頭, 但這會很快就適應了!

Making 1/18 M1 helmet is a challenge as well, I like to have the helmet wear on the head perfectly; not like the static model kits where design to cut the half of the head then glue the helmet on it. Action figure is much more fun, but I can’t make the entire joint workable.
I mold the helmet shape with clay, make sure the helmet shape is correct then go through oven for baked. I drill the interior part when the clay gets solid after baked by drill tool that it must very carefully the thick of helmet.
製作1/18的頭盔也是個挑戰, 我希望能像1/18系列可動人偶一樣能完全將帽子戴在頭上; 而不像是靜態模型總是會將頭部切半, 另一半頭盔再黏上. 隨然沒辦法讓人型的關節活動, 而這部份是唯一能增加樂趣的地方.
捏了塊黏土, 塑成M1頭盔的外型後放入烤箱定型; 以電動手鑚鑚出頭盔內容, 這得要很小心處理, 隨時注意頭盔的厚度.