Painting 1/18 scale soldiers.1

It’s been a while haven’t done any small scale figure painting, it is exciting to me to pick up the color paint and brush to start to enjoy the hobby. BTW, don’t forget to turn on the music.
Everything start from the flesh that I’ve apply Gunze acrylic flesh (orange+white) as primer then use oil paint (black + brown mix) apply on the concave area all around the head, having another clean brush to brush oil to show the gradient. I leave it a day to dry a bit then apply the light flesh tone on the Zygomatic bone、forehead、nose、amount under and the chin to emphasize gradient of the head.
太久沒玩小比例模型, 感覺還像以前那樣興奮. 原則上還是從肉色開始, 我以郡士膚色為底漆, 乾後以油畫(黑+茶色)塗在凹陷處; 用乾淨的筆刷將凹陷處輕輕刷開以呈現自然漸層, 放置一天後以較淺的膚色塗在顴骨、上額、鼻樑、下額輪廓處、下巴等處, 讓立體感更明顯.

I used my favorite Humbrol paint for the rest part.
我用最喜愛的Humbrol 漆塗上其他地方.

The oil paints for the gradient again which is a bit darker then the primer basically; the clean brush to do the last job again.
以油畫顏料調出比底漆較深的色系塗上凹陷處, 以乾淨筆刷刷開後再放置一天.