Painting 1/18 scale soldiers.2

Spray the flat coat while the color has done but the oil paint is not 100% dry yet that I’ve leave it for a day at least. I’m pretty sure this stage is safe!
The flat coat dry fast that can go through dry brush which have the primer color to brush top of them to soft the entire tone. The pants I have pick the light brown to dry brush on the top to show more gradient.
放置一天後在油畫顏料還未完全乾的狀態下噴上消光保護漆都還不會有問題, 其實是趕著將這小兵塗完. 消光漆乾得很快, 衣服部份再以底漆以乾刷刷過, 其他的部位則是以淺色系來作乾掃.

I’m quite enjoying painting little detail things and the confidence when young. I pick up the 34th Infantry Division for those soldier, that the insignia of sergeant and staff sergeant for them too.
一直很習慣塗細小的東西. 以34師隊章塗在手臂最上端, 挑了2 個階級塗上去.

I used the aluminum foil as helmet strip then paint the Humbrol color.
頭盔帶以錫箔紙為材料, 這是老方法但是一直是最棒的效果.