The pictures of FUN Model Expo

It’s always great fun to spend a day at the model expo to look around static model work from each participant that they did lots of great work at the show, meet up the hobbyist and have lots of hobby chats! That’s life!
We have had few 1/6 figures attending the show which is the biggest scale at the show, that we were attracted lots of vision from hobbyist that we are sharing how we did the custom fabric、head sculpt、diorama and weathering.
參與模型展一直是很興奮、好玩的活動, 看看參與者的精緻模型製作成果及模型話題. 這就是活著的意義!
我們一行5位帶著1/6人偶作品參與為期一天的展出, 分享製作1/6人偶的特殊技巧, 非常有意思!