Modify 1/18 German motorcycle.2

I drill and cut off the gap of motorcycle chassis and fender, that looks better detail than the original. Assemble the sidecar and tires with superglue, fill the gap and bubbles of sidecar and tire with putty, send them smooth with sandpaper when stiffen.
在摩托車的骨架及檔泥板的部位鑽出間隙, 讓它看起來更細緻. 側車以快乾膠組合, 在縫隙及氣泡出現的側車及輪胎上以補土補上, 待乾後以砂紙磨過.

*Spray the entire parts with acrylic matt black as primer.
*Pick the dark grey spray over the parts.
*Screw the body then glue the back sit.
*Putty fills the screw hole.
*Glue the sidecar handle and one of the gun blocks.