Scratch build 1/18 German motorcycle rider.1

The modify motorcycle has done, now really need riders to sit on it, that make things perfectly and completely. As usual, I squeeze the clay into rough shape of lower body, this is allow me to judge the correct size of 1/18 scale. For sure, I need a 1/18 scale figure aside to correct the scale.
完成後的德軍側車也必須有士兵們騎才會有完美感. 如同以往, 用黏土塑出粗略的下半身, 慢慢再修成1/18比例. 當然, 最好有個1/18的人型能當參考.

Not to worry, buddy! You will be alive soon.
兄弟, 不久之後你就能復活了!

Ben has taken a ride on my new German sidecar, that he looks happy!