Scratch build 1/18 German motorcycle rider.2

It’s good to have 1/6 scale as reference, here is DID German para jump suit; I’ve add more detail on lower body, and the boots! Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the temperature that some part had char in the oven. The accident has happen sometime when the clay had bake in the oven. “Keep an eyes on it” anytime when you are doing this stage.
有1/6的德軍空降服可以參考是再好不過了; 加上了些細節及靴子的細節就行了. 在烘烤時發生了些意外, 烤焦是有時候不小心發生, 這是沒注意到溫度的設定! 只要隨時注意烤箱裡的變化就不至於發生不可收拾的下場.