Scratch build 1/18 German motorcycle rider.3

Make the right proportion of body, go through the fabric crease detail; have a little section of wire then place it around the tool to make it round shape as German Y strip holder.
塑出正確的上身比例, 再製作衣服皺摺細節; 準備細鐵絲繞在圓柱的工具上變成Y帶的環.

I’ve add a 10mm plastic rod at the waist to connect upper body, that allow to movable upper body left and right; Have the arms in shape then go through the detail of right arm first.
在腰切面黏上了10mm粗的塑膠條, 可以用來連接上身且不需上膠水, 可以讓上身左右活動; 手臂也是先以粗胚到細節的方式製作.