Scratch build 1/18 German motorcycle rider.4

Fallschirmjager helmet is one of my favorite WWII helmet; I made it thin as I can to looks realistic in 1/18 scale, I put it on 21st fallschirmjager for test that the helmet strip needs to use foil later. The rough shape of head needs to match the helmet from time to time to check the right scale.
空降獵兵頭盔是我喜愛的二戰頭盔之一; 製作時盡可能將之打薄, 戴上21世紀空降獵兵的頭上試試結果, 頭盔帶則必須以錫箔來製作. 粗胚的頭雕必須隨時與頭盔搭配尺寸以免有比例上的誤差.

Completely head done!