1/18 Scale series figure-002

Awesome casting back in time, those creamy color casting looking good as usual. I’m expecting to have different color casting but the chap said that it can be like I wish. I have to paint one rider to see how it goes.

This limit item is available now!

翻製品準時到手, 水準如同以往的棒! 這次是乳色, 其實蠻希望每次都有不同顏色的變化, 一定會很酷! 但是是不可能滴! 得將一隻塗上顏色看看效果如何. 現量發售中!

I’ve add the plastic rod as joint to connect head and body that makes the head can be able to turn.

Here are the small packet of my 1/18 scale figure series, the workshop sticker has shown on the box and seal which show figure series number. This will push me to keep it up.
這些是自製1/18人型產品寄送小盒, 工作室的貼紙也會在小盒包裝上, 以及人型產品編號的印章.