Making 1/6 hands and feet

It’s been half years that I didn’t do any 1/6 figure since my Dad have had illness from this May, who’s condition getting worse from time to time. Hope he is not too much pain till the end. There was a competition promise from last contest at OSS forum that I have to continuing support the activity. I already have the subject of Chinese Army WWII when I had the DID products of ZB-37 MG, now I have to make the hands to fit the ZB-37 MG, that the specialist part is making bare feet for Chinese soldier, and the straw sandal for the feet.
已經有半年沒碰1/6人型, 從我爸生病開始到現在, 而他的狀況是每下愈況, 只希望他沒有疼痛就好! 這次回到1/6 是因為4月份在OSS比賽後已經回應會參加11月的例行論壇比賽, 也是支持論壇的動力. 這次主題其實很早就有構想, 也是收了DID 出品的ZB-37捷克製機槍後在腦子裡就有這題材了; 而重點是放在抗戰時國軍所使用的ZB-37, 說到國軍的草鞋及草帽都是大的特色, 很值得發揮的題材.

Making hands and feet are quite straight forward, looking your own hands and feet while you sculpting them, check the right proportion anytime then go for variant pose as you desire.
製作手及腳可以說是很直接的例子, 只要看這自己的手腳就可以輕易塑出來, 隨時注意比例就能任意塑出想要的動態出來.

Here are the casting hands and feet.
這是樹脂的翻製品, 也是準備給人偶用上.

Stick the hands and feet on the TTL body, there are the gap on both side of feet that needs putty to fill them up, which means the feet can’t be able to twist to different angle but hands does.
把手及腳部固定上TTL素體; 雙腳則需要補土補上截面部分, 如此就無法左右旋轉. 但是雙手可以保有這動態!

Try the body in MG position after the hands and feet are settling that see how it looks!

Paint the hands and feet after smooth the putty.
修過腳部補土的部分後即可上色, 連同手部也一起上色.