Making wind shield

Chip robot need a transparent wind shield for protection, here I’m showing how to making a transparent wind shield by transparent sheet.
*I custom made 2 square wood frame, which I’ve 2 pieces of wood then cut through the middle part.
*4 clips for clamping the wood frame, the transparent sheet place between the frames.
*I use chip prototype head for the mold, which I fill the clay at the face part that this will give the correct shape of wind shield.
Chip需要一個透明罩來保護他的臉, 以下是如何製作透明罩子.
*自製了2個木框, 也就是切下木板中間位置.
*準備4 個夾子, 將透明膠板放置其中, 夾子可以牢牢固定住.
*拿了chip的頭部原型並在臉部填滿土, 如此就是我要的透明罩型狀.

*Now you need to heat the transparent sheet by candle, remember keeps the frame moving clockwise or counterclockwise whatever. Please not to heat the same spot that will melt the sheet straightway.
*Force down the sheet when it turns soft by heating, that the shape appear as you desire.
*Cut the parts you need, use marker draw the right shape then scissor down the part carefully.
*準備蠟燭將透明膠板加熱, 記得加熱時要讓木框移動, 順時鐘或是逆時鐘都可以; 不要在同一個點加熱, 如此會將透明膠板燒透!
*加熱後對準模子並下壓, 此時形狀就出現.
*切下需要的部分, 用麥克筆畫出正確的風罩形狀後以小剪刀小心剪下即成.

Here is the wind shield for chip.