New head、Straw hat and Straw sandals

Here I’m making another Asian head for the subject, It’s almost close to the end of contest that I’m not planning to do casting head this time; which I use the original sculpting directly then baked in the oven, spray the fine 1200 putty on it then painted the color straight on head.
這次由於快到比賽投稿的截止日, 沒多少時間弄, 就直接把頭雕做完後放進烤箱定型, 直接上色, 不做翻製的動作了.

Straw hat is specialist equipment in Nationalist Army during WWII, I think the straw hat can stay away from heat better than steel helmet, but protection is negative! Painting National emblem and Chinese character is one of the impressive parts on straw hat to me.
草笠是國軍在抗日戰爭時裝備上的一大特色, 草笠比鐵製鋼盔防熱但是沒有安全效果. 畫上國徽及寫上繁體字在草笠上是讓人印象深刻的地方.

Straw sandals were most particular equipment for Nationalist Army; many soldiers found the familiar homemade straw sandals more comfortable than boots and shoes; they were cool in summer, and actually gave a better grid in mud.
I used fine right scale hemp rope for the straw sandals, first need the thin card board paper then scissor the shoe’s shape; put the glue on the paper, that make S shape of hemp rope on it, doesn’t matter the rope goes over the shape, that you need to scissor the over part when dry.
Once it done then turn over to the other side which is still the paper, now it needs to build 4 points for fasten the shoes when feet put on the shoes, which is one at front to hold thumb that other two for lateral feet, that the one for inside. Again, it needs to repeat to make S shape of hemp rope to glue on the surface.
Finally it needs a section of hemp rope to glue over the edge.
草鞋也是國軍抗戰時的特色之一, 許多士兵覺得家用的草鞋來得比軍靴及皮鞋舒服許多, 尤其是夏季時會很涼爽, 並且草鞋能有效隔絕泥巴!
先準備薄的卡紙並剪出鞋型, 以細麻繩弄成S 狀再黏上紙板上; 不必理會S 型麻繩會超出紙鞋板許多, 待乾後將鞋型以外的麻繩剪掉就行了.
反過另一面也就是還未黏上麻繩的那面, 固定出4 個點的麻繩並可以用來穿繩的形狀; 分別是大拇指、鞋外側2 點、鞋內側1 點, 完後再重複前面步驟以S型鋪上即可.