Painting FJ rider.2

It takes me a while to painted Fallschirmjager jump suit fragment, that the wash will come after; the dilute oil paint apply on the figure then slightly wipe with kitchen tissue that makes the darker tone stranded in the concave area. The oil paint will not be effected acrylic paint that can go straight forward to it. I started to dry brush at next day, pick up related color for dry brush.
迷彩裝確實讓人花時間上色, 身上的顏色都是壓克力漆, 接著以油畫顏料洗上是不會互相影響, 可以放心以油畫顏料洗過; 但起碼得放一個晚上再接著乾刷, 雖然不是100% 乾. 還是習慣用HUMBROL漆來乾刷!

Painting head- I used HUMBROL matt-61 as fresh primer, the hair painted with brown, then I apply oil paint (mix black & brown) to show the fresh basic tone, also apply on the hair as well; I’ve add the light shade on cheek、forehead and bridge of the nose, then have a clean brush to make those area soft and smooth but has to leave light tone on it. Leave it to next day to painted eyes and lips.
頭部上色以HUMBROL膚色打底, 乾後以油畫顏料(黑+ 咖啡)塗上凹陷處, 再以乾淨筆刷刷開筆觸, 使深的顏色留在凹陷處. 在額頭、臉頰、鼻樑處塗上淺色系的膚色以增加立體感; 再以乾淨筆刷將筆觸輕輕刷開, 放置隔天再塗眼睛及嘴唇等部位.

The wine foil for helmet strip, the FJ helmet strip is complicate than other helmet. Beside the one is goes under the chin that other two are connect from below of ear to hindbrain. Once the helmet strip has done that can’t be remove from head.
酒瓶口的錫箔片最適合拿來當頭盔帶, 而FJ的頭盔帶有別於一般頭盔, 也就是來得較複雜了! 除了正常的繞過下巴之外, 另兩條則是從耳朵下方延伸到後腦的地方. 帶子弄上了, 頭盔也就拿不起來了.