Private 75th Army, 16th Rgt, 6 Division, China, 1943

Chinese Army Private 75th Army, 16th Rgt, 6 Division, China, 23 March.1943
The battle of Tien Bao Mountain is located at Hubei province in China, that it was a successful ambush fight during anti-Japanese war at 1943. The 13th regiment of Japanese infantry were station at the high ground along the Han-I motorway that they know the Nationalist Army coming to take the high ground from spy, Japanese Infantry planning to have the opportunity to sneak attack the Nationalist Army before they come; Nationalist Army had taken the chance before Japs coming to sneak attack. The ambush have had 200 more killed、20 more wounded 、200 lost Japs soldiers.

Head- custom
Body- TTL
Hands- custom
Feet- custom
Uniform、field cap、canteen and leggings- Soldier Story (Chinese Infantry)
Chest ID patch & Shoulder patch- custom
Breadbag- modify from DML German breadbag.
Straw hat- custom by chung814, I’ve painted the Chinese characters and emblem
with 6D in the middle.
Straw sandal- custom
Ammo box- custom
Base- custom

*This is the shot from the battle which was happen in 23th March 1943, and it is inspiring me to go with this subject that I've check with the accuracy of the Nationailst Army detail by the time from expert.


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