Making of 1/18 scale T-34 crew.I

I’m starting to sculpting 1/18 scale T-34 tank crew & infantry before I’ll receiving full build resin T-34 from Pickelhaube. I’ve done 2 rough shapes of them so far, that I’m planning to make 4 of them, which probably 1 tank commander and 3 Russian infantry are riding on the tank.
在還沒收到Pickelhaube自製的樹脂品T-34之前先開始1/18比例的T-34坦克乘員及士兵. 已有2 個粗胚成型, 計畫完成4 個; 有可能是1 名坦克長及3 員乘座的蘇軍士兵.

Here I’m making 1/18 scale Mosin Nagant rifle for Russian infantry, that the PPSH sub will be next for Russian soldier as well. First I have 1/6 Garand and Mosin Nagant for length check then go for 1/18 scale proportion. 1/18 scale still the good range to me, that I won’t go through smaller then this scale which I’m not able to make it anyhow.
1/18的莫辛納甘步槍是打算給蘇軍士兵拿的, PPSH衝鋒槍也應該會做把給他們用. 開始先以1/6的加藍德及莫辛納甘做長度比較, 再轉移到1/18的比例.