Making of 1/18 scale T-34 crew.II

The basic shape of the Mosin Nagant had carved by knife and sandpaper, specially the sharp edge of 2 pieces of styrene sheet, I thinning the trigger and magazine component to 2mm thick which is less than 4mm gun wide. A section of 2mm styrene rod as gun bolt part, than I used putty and little aluminum part for detail. The 1mm paper clip for barrel, the dressmakers pin for gas tube.
以刀子及砂紙做出莫辛納甘基本形狀, 特別是在兩片塑膠板黏合後鋒利的銳角處. 將板機及子彈夾削薄至2mm, 也就是比槍身的厚度薄的一半. 槍機的部分以2mm的膠條為材料, 細部則以補土、鋁片追加. 槍管以1mm的迴紋針製作, 瓦斯管以衣服的小針為材料.

The completed 1/18 scale Mosin Nagant in shot with 1/6 Dragon Mosin Nagant.