Making of 1/18 scale T-34 crew.IV

The tanker has added a leather jacket that the trouser is leather made as well; I following the winter scheme for the figure project. The clothes wrinkles are tricky part of the figure that I keep fixing couple times to make it look right, but later I’m starting again! It’s better to have a 1:1 model to show the accurate details.
給坦克兵加了上衣, 而這一身上下都是全皮製的服裝; 這次會是以冬季服為題材. 衣服的皺褶是最難的部分, 前前後後修了幾次還是沒看順眼, 得不斷的修下去. 最好有1:1的模特兒(想像).

The soldiers are starting from the lower body; like trouser and boots that there is the reason why I like to start from the lower body. Because the lower body always connects with vehicles or ground first that show the stable part of human body; The Russian quilt winter uniform will be my choice for those soldiers. Again, I have stick to the wrinkle parts, first I made a mistake that the pants below knees area should be tack into boots smoothly which is not loose like.
士兵們從下半身細節開始, 也就是從褲子及靴子開始整理起. 其實從下半身製作也是因為下半身會是直接與地面或是交通工具直接接觸的部位; 可以說是身體比重較大的部位. 二戰蘇軍的冬季棉衣是一大特色; 同樣, 在整體形狀處裡完後從褲子的皺褶做起, 也順便照料靴子部分. 一開始在膝蓋下方與靴子口的褲管處做得很鬆垮, 而這完全不是蘇軍的特色而是緊實而貼的塞進靴子裡.

Just receiving 1/18 scale T-34/76 custom by pickelhaube resin copy kit, this is much more fun than building injection kit. I place my clay figure on it that shows figures needs adjustment.
很興奮剛收到pickelhaube全自製樹脂模版的1/18 T-34/76 , 這比玩精緻射出的模型來得好玩(個人的口味啦!).將人型土模擺上看看感覺, 看來得做調整才能搭配這台坦克!