Making of 1/18 scale T-34 crew.VI

The turret has add a deck stand for tanker, I’m attempting to go for interior detail for such big scale kit but I really have to go for figure first and the time is not allow me to do for the moment.
在砲塔底下加了一層夾層可以給坦克兵站立, 其實很想自行加裝所有內部細節但是時間上不許可而現階段必須先把人型先完成為首要.

Glue the upper hatch on top of turret that is the most need for tanker, following the front open hatch design as great protection which I can make tanker one arm hold the hatch that the other arm swing down naturally on the side of hatch.
把砲塔上的蓋子黏牢是製作坦克兵最需要的動作依據; T-34/76 將砲塔蓋子設計成前開式可以保護成員正面安全, 而依據前開式逃生蓋來製作戰車兵, 也就是一手握著蓋子, 另一手自然擺下而依著逃生口的邊緣.