Making of 1/18 scale T-34 crew.VII

When torso and details has complete then I’ve used brush moisten Tamiya enamel thinner brush on it to smooth the texture from tools. I made a stand for figure that can hold the figure not to fall down when bake in the oven.
當身軀的細節完成後以筆刷沾田宮油性漆溶劑塗在表面上, 這可以將人型表面從工具上留下來的筆觸刷平. 做了個簡易的支架台可以固定人型, 特別是在烤箱烘烤時不會倒下而變形.

I did two parts for tanker, which is head and torso that this might saving the cost for casting.
將人型簡單的分成2 個部分, 頭與身體來減少過多分件而這也是減少翻模的成本的方式.

The dancing soldier!!

The Russian tanker stand in turret shot.