Private ,1st Marine Division, 1942~ 1943 Guadalcanal

The Guadalcanal campaign was a significant strategic combined arms victory by Allied forces over the Japanese in the Pacific theatre. The Japanese had reached the high-water mark of their conquests in the Pacific, and Guadalcanal marked the transition by the Allies from defensive operations to the strategic offensive in that theatre and the beginning of offensive operations, including the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and Central Pacific campaigns, that resulted in Japan's eventual surrender and the end of World War II.

Head- Custom
Body- TTL
Hands- Custom
Uniform- DML、BGT(pants)
Boot- New Line Miniature
M1 helmet- DID
M-1903 & Bayonet – Custom
Base- Custom

在太平洋戰役反攻日軍的第一站, 也就是海軍陸戰隊第一師在1942年8月7日登陸所羅門群島的瓜達卡納島. 此時日軍從海上展開猛烈反攻, 使得美軍背腹受敵, 蒙受持續不斷的海空轟炸, 同時也被迫進行一連串激烈陸戰. 此戰役是太平洋戰爭的轉淚點, 同時也向世界展現美國的決心. 但瓜達卡納一役也爆露出日軍對投降者採取格殺勿論的手段. 此役在1943年2月9日畫下句點, 估計共有7100美軍和30000日軍死亡.

頭雕- 自製
素體- TTL
手- 自製
制服-DML 褲子- BGT
靴子- NLM
M1 頭盔- DID
M-1903 &刺刀- 自製
地台- 自製


One Shot寫道…
What a great piece of work. I can't wait for the 1:6 XPO next month in May, I hope to see lots of new figures.
Thank you,my friend!