The project G – I

I used one of my custom head-05 for this project that the head age fit about 18 ~ 20 years old young soldier. The TTL body stills my choice because it looks slim; I love the flap chest body for dressing as normal position.
The head had fixed to fit the body which is not able to activity, the neck joint had fill up with putty than the detail were taking care with tools and sandpaper. The paint job please review previous article.
這次使用自製的第五號頭雕, 差不多合適18~20歲年齡的年輕士兵, TTL素體還是這次的素材, TTL扁胸正常體位還是我喜歡的素體, 而穿起衣服較會有自然感覺.
頸部做了固定式的改造, 也由於TTL頸部幅度往上整個縮小而無法呈現自然曲線, 只能以補土將這缺陷作填補. 上色請參考前文!

The lower body had glue sponge on waist、butt and thigh to stressed the shape when dress up.
下半身的腰、臀及大腿都黏上了海綿來加強外型, 特別是在著裝後.