The project G – II

The uniform from DML, that the trouser form BGT. I don’t like the DML made of fabric material which is hard to show the realistic in 1/6 scale, but sometime I have no choice to use them. I weathering the fabric by watercolor (please review my oldie) and fray the fabric parts by file, like elbow and knees that show the soldier were fight tough during the battle.
制服取自於威龍, 褲子則取自於BGT. 不喜歡有些威龍的制服版型及布料, 常常穿起來時無法顯現1/6的精緻度. 同樣以水彩舊化制服, 磨損的部位以銼刀處理, 磨損的部位可以代表戰鬥的艱苦景象.

I used one of my custom hand set for the soldier, I’m not satisfy the manufacture hands that I’ve sculpt the hands that it hold tight the rifle perfectly.
我用自製的手來搭配這個兵偶, 因為不滿足一般市售的手; 所以自行塑出完全能握緊步槍的手來.