French light MG- FM24/29 in 1/6. Available soon....

First I like to thanks to Pascal(Dudulle.69) who had provided me the resin and metal parts of French light MG FM24/29, this is the rare subject that hasn’t appear in the market also it is one of my favorite subject to go with.
Here I have very limited run of FM24/29 in full resin instead of original metal parts, which is barrel and cartridge cause too heavy when mix with resin. I’m sure the figure will fall down easily because the weight.

Here is the casting of FM24/29 LMG with 4 cartridges. The painted MG and price tag will come up soon.

Just completed paint job but still need to weathering on wood parts, that the sling will be working on after that; the most important issue is the buckles! Well, let me solve it out…….

The price of FM24/29 is $29.00 each resin MG, which included completed paint job、sling and 4 cartridge.