T-34 tanker & soldiers paint guide. I

I’ve received 2 set of copy of T-34 tanker & riders back, that there looks fantastic as usual. There is no doubt that I can’t wait to paint them to see how they look in color!

Here are the 3 simple safe steps for figure painting, which is not affect each layer when apply on it.
*Acrylic(primer) » oil paint (wash) » Enamel (dry brush)

I used Gunze acrylic 324 + 14 as flesh; sometime you can have more or less grey on skin that looks a bit of different tone to fit variant weather or color.

*Acrylic XF-49 applies overall the soldier’s uniform.

*Acrylic XF-1 for tanker and boots
*Acrylic XF-64 for ammo pouches、belt and rifles(wood parts).

*Acrylic XF-62 for helmets.

*I’ll spray the flat coat when those colors are dry just in case as protection.