T-34 tanker & soldiers paint guide. II

After apply the flap coat that the wash is ready for next step which need to have black + brown oil paint mix with “Zippo” that it content high volatility liquid which is dry fast but still need about 2 days.
*Wash all the engrave area.
*Use kitchen tissue wipes the figure surface that leaves the diluted oil paint on it.
*leave them dry.

The way of wash can be used for entire figure as well, once apply on the head part that need a bit careful the shading of face, used clean brush and cotton swabs to clean light shade area like nose、Zygomatic、chin、mandible etc.
洗的過程通用整個人型, 而頭的部分要細心些許, 準備乾淨的筆刷及棉花棒處理鼻樑、顴骨、下巴及下顎等地方就行了.

The wash can be suit for entire figure from head、body、equipment and gears; The typical Russian rolled up in the rain cape painted with XF-57 then washed with oil.
Canteen- XF-49, Entrench-XF-57 + XF-64, Pistol-XF-64 then washed with oil after dry.
幾乎整個人型都可以用洗來處理, 從頭、身體、武器到裝備等; 典型的蘇軍捲成筒狀的雨具以XF-57為底再以稀釋的油畫洗過.
水壺-XF-49, 鏟子-XF-57+XF-64, 手槍-XF-64, 待這些底色乾後都以油畫洗過即可.